Midwest Food and Tobacco Group is proud to employ a dedicated, talented, and accessible staff that is here to help you succeed. Please contact us via or or call 1-800-300-6826 or 1-800-472-2006

Key Personnel From Midwest South

  • Janicki, Thomas A., CEO: Email or 949-315-9472
  • Miller, Nicole, Internal Operations Manager: Email or 262-677-4720 ext-108
  • Burke, Kevin, Director of Innovation: Email or 262-224-6020
  • Roberts, Ryan, Vice President – Sales: Email or 262-224-6016
  • Prusha, Chris, Vice President- Operations: Email
  • Foulke, Jim, Warehouse Manager: Email or 262-224-6018
  • Bliesner, Barry F., Category Manager: Email
  • Schlieve, Chris, Director of Grocery Operations: Email or 414-526-3168

Key Personnel From Midwest North

  • Sundby, Steve, General Manager: Email or 715-497-9645
  • Shafer, Jamie, Executive Vice President: Email or 715-308-2223
  • Lybert, Lisa, Director of Purchasing: Email or 715-514-8366
  • Schauer, Matt, Sales Manager: Email or 715-505-2847
  • O’Connell, Bill, Director of Warehouse Operations: Email

Midwest South and North

Lauden, Kurt, Director of Business Development and Food Service at Midwest Food & Tobacco Group: Email or 262-224-5908


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