Consulting Services

Midwest’s success originated from developing relationships that were built on honest communication which has resulted in a large customer base.  Midwest employees have a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to the convenience store industry and have enthusiastically shared it with their customers.  Midwest’s customers frequently request marketing reviews to help them implement strategies that result in quicker turns and higher profits.

Midwest’s service is better because we don’t just sell candy and tobacco at a great price like every other distributor. We help YOU, the retailer, sell MORE at a great price. How do we do that?

  • We teach retailers how to create the right shopping experience for consumers.
  • We teach pricing strategies used by Walmart, Kwik Trip, and Walgreen’s.
  • We know affordable ways to enhance store image, and reassure consumers of quality and freshness.
  • We know how to build effective marketing promotions that will differentiate your store.
  • This formula has inspired growth, trust, loyalty, and success for our customers and for Midwest.

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